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Gate, Globe, Check Valves

Discover our range of gate, globe, and check valves – the perfect solution for smooth and dependable flow control in any industry.


What is GGC Valve

In the context of “GGC” standing for “Gate, Globe, Check,” it refers to a combination of three types of valves commonly used in industrial applications.

The Gate valve is a linear motion valve that controls the flow of fluid by raising or lowering a gate-like disc. It offers low-pressure drops when fully open and provides a tight shutoff when closed.

The Globe valve is a type of valve that controls flow through a linear motion of a disc or plug. It is commonly used for throttling and regulating flow in pipelines.

The Check valve, as mentioned earlier, allows flow in one direction and prevents backflow. It ensures the flow moves in a single direction and prevents any reverse flow when the system is not in operation.

Combining these three valves, Gate, Globe, and Check, in a system allows for efficient flow control, shutoff capabilities, and prevention of backflow.

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Gate, Globe, Check Valves

To get a solution for smooth and dependable flow control in your project.

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We provide Cast Steel Gate valves, Forged Steel Gate Valves, Parallel Gate valves, Wedge Gate valves, and Knife Gate Valves…

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Cage-guided Globe Valve, Bellows-sealed Globe Valve, Cryogenic Globe Valve, and Angle Globe Valve are available.

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We offer Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Dual Plate Check valves, and Diaphragm Check valves in different size and materials.

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Application Cases of GGC Valves

Gate Globe Check Valves for Petrobras FPSO Project

Provide 3/4” to 8” 150# to 2500# Gate, Globe, and Check valves for Petrobras FPSO projects.

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Norsok Standard Gate Valves for Drilling Ship Project

Customer require 1” to 8” 150# to 1500# Gate valves for Drilling Ship project with Norsok Standard.

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