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Latest cryogenic valve solution for LNG, LPG, and other low-temperature projects

  • The design temperature can be -196℃
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Rich-related projects experience
  • A wide range of cryogenic valves available


What are Cryogenic Valves Used For?

Cryogenic valves are valves that can be used in extremely cold applications, like LNG, LPG, air separation, and other low-temperature industries.

Take LNG for example, LNG refers to liquefied natural gas, and LNG projects refer to the construction of ships or other means of transportation dedicated to transporting liquefied natural gas.

The temperature of natural gas in the liquid state will reach -162ºC, so the relevant supporting equipment must be able to maintain normal work at such a low temperature, and cryogenic valves are one of them.

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Full Test & Certification to Assure Quality

To ensure the reliability and safety of the cryogenic valves, the valves must be tested in extreme code conditions, and our engineers will make various test analyses, such as the sealing analysis.

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