Corrosion Resistant Valve
Corrosion Resistant Valve

What is Corrosion Resistant Valve

Corrosion-resistant valves are made of stainless steel, duplex steel, aluminum bronze, zirconium alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, Hastelloy, and other corrosion-resistant materials. These alloy valves are very suitable and effective in working with corrosive systems such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, marine engineering, and acid production.

Stainless steel is a well-known anti-corrosion material, but in some harsh environments or special media systems, higher anti-corrosion performance is required, as is the valve industry, and with the improvement of alloy smelting technology, more and more Special alloy materials are used in the production of valves, which can greatly improve the operating cycle of the customer’s system.

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Various Material Alloy Valve (3)

Different Types of Alloy Valve

We have provided customers with various types of valves such as Hastelloy Ball Valve/Check Valve, Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve/Ball Valve, Titanium Globe Valve/Ball Valve, etc. to improve anti-corrosion performance.

Corrosion Resistant Ball Valves (3)

Corrosion Resistant Globe Valves (2)

Corrosion Resistant Gate Valves (3)

Corrosion Resistant Check Valves (2)

Corrosion Resistant Butterfly Valves (1)

Valves In Applications

corrosion resistant valve in oil and gas industry

Titanium, nickel aluminum bronze, and duplex stainless steel valves are very good choices for offshore oil & gas platforms.

Valve for LNG Projects

Valves in Hastelloy N10276, Titanium Gr.2, and ASTM A182 F316 materials are very common choices for LNG projects due to their great anti-corrosion property.

Seawater Systems

Super duplex steel, titanium, and nickel aluminum bronze valves have very good seawater corrosion-resistant performance.

Your One Stop Corrosion Resistant Valve Solution

Material List
Valve in Titanium Alloy

Titanium Gr.2
Titanium Gr.3
Titanium Gr.5
Titanium Gr.6
Titanium Gr.7
Titanium Gr.12

valve in titanium
valve in nickel base alloy
Material List
Valve in Nickel Base Alloy

Nickel 200, 201
Monel 400, K500, 600
Inconel 600, 625, 800, 825
Hastelloy B, B-2, C276, C-22, C-4, G

Material List
Valve in Zirconium Alloy

Zirconium 702
Zirconium 705

valve in zirconium alloy
valve in super austenitic ss
Material List
Valve in Super Austenitic Stainless Steel


Material List
Valve in Duplex & Super Duplex

Duplex S31803
Super Duplex S32750
Super Duplex S32750

duplex valve

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