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Butterfly Valve Solution

More than 10 years of experience in supplying various butterfly valves.

  • Fire Safe Design, DIN EN10497, API607
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Soft-sealed or metallic sealed
  • Maintenance-free
  • With electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator


About Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are used in pipelines to regulate the flow, such as shut-off flow. Because butterfly valves have many advantages, such as closing faster than gate valves, small installation space, two-way use, zero leakage, and maintenance-free, they are widely used in various industrial processes such as water treatment systems, ships, power plants, and fine chemicals.

Usually, butterfly valves can be divided into concentric butterfly valves, double-offset butterfly valves, and triple-offset butterfly valves according to the structure. Among them, the triple offset butterfly valve is resistant to high temperature and high pressure due to its metallic seal, and the triple offset structure solves the leakage problem, and truly achieves absolute zero leakage, making it widely used in oil and gas exploration and processing, oil refining and petrochemical equipment, power plants, and steel plants.

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Butterfly Valves By Features

There are centerline butterfly valves, double-offset butterfly valves, and triple-offset butterfly valves for your choice.

Concentric Butterfly Valve -2

Concentric butterfly valves are widely used in water processing and treatment, food and beverage, swimming pool installation, heating, natural gas, etc.

Triple-offset Butterfly Valve-2

Be designed for operation in very hard industrial conditions, such as the power industry, crude oil, and natural gas, refineries, etc.

Double-offset Butterfly Valve-2

Be used in hard industrial conditions, for example, the nuclear energy industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, etc.

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Zero Leakage1
Zero Leakage

Soft sealed and offset structure assures good sealing performance.

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

The offset structure can reduce a lot of friction and prolong the service life.

Two-way Flow
Two-way Flow

Two-way sealing and two-way pressure bearing assure the two-way flow.

Space Saving
Space Saving

Butterfly valve is a good choice if the installation space is insufficient.

Supply Large Size Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

We are able to supply 3-48 inch (DN80-1200) metallic sealed double flange triple offset butterfly valve, with worm gear, and can be motored by electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator.

Supply Large Size Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

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We focus on quality and do everything we can to assure quality. A full set of certifications (ISO, API, SHELL TAT, Norsok, CE, DNV, ABS, LR, etc.) proves our ability and is also the basis for customers to recognize us.

Secondly, our advanced standardized management system and comprehensive quality inspection process ensure the quality of products and meet customer needs. In addition, our thoughtful documentation service and experienced project team have won the respect of our clients.

To learn more about us, welcome to get in contact with one of us or request a quote today.

Butterfly Valve in Special Alloy Materials

NAB C95800 Butterfly Valves
Custom C95800 Butterfly Valves

In order to better cope with harsh environments and corrosive media, alloy materials with stronger corrosion resistance are increasingly used in valve manufacturing.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Large Butterfly Valves are especially suited for low-pressure seawater applications. We recommend nickel-aluminum bronze for the valve body and Monel for internal parts, which is more economical.

Butterfly Valves In Different Projects


Because the internal medium of the valve is seawater, there are strict requirements on the valve body material, sealing material, and paint.

Petrobras Drilling Ship Project
Petrobras Drilling Ship Project

Because of the severe operational conditions, the applied valves should comply with certain certifications to assure safety. For this project, the owner requires Norsok certificate for valves.

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What is Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?

The rotating shaft of the disc is offset from the center line of the disc seat and body seal (first offset) and the pipe’s center line (second offset). With triple offset process valves, the seat axis of rotation is also asymmetrically disposed to the pipe axis.

What is Hatelloy?

Hastelloy is a nickel-molybdenum alloy. It contains ultra-low carbon and high Ni, Mo, and Cr elements, which belong to corrosion-resistant and high temperature-resistant materials.

Why offset butterfly can realize maintenance free?

The offset structure can reduce a lot of friction and prolong the service life.

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